Jimyjigs are hand crafted high quality fishing vertical jigs and trolling lures. Jimyjigs USA (along with captains and avid anglers) proudly work together with Jimyjigs himself in Mexico to bring you the very best.
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Jimyjigs-Built to Last with Superior Superglow

Jimyjigs are made in Mexico by a true Artisan and Fishing Professional- Jimyjig.
Jimy is a man of endeavors and has worked tirelessly tweaking his jigs for many years. The end result is a jig with a proprietary blend of metals and paint that is simply amazing. The jigs will catch plenty of fish, but in addition the jig will withstand the abuse without the paint chipping quickly or the jig bending like the competition.
Jimyjigs USA (along with captains and avid anglers) proudly work together with Jimyjigs himself in Mexico to bring you the very best.
Atlantic Sailfish Catch and Release
Jimyjigs Superglow Purple Rudo 150G
Boynton Beach, Florida
"New Arrivals"
Match the Hatch with our New 50g and 100g Silver Disco Rudo Superglow!
All Jimyjigs have Bioluminescent Superglow
Sonic vibrations are generated as the Jimyjig darts and flutters while the fisherman works the jig.  Combine these movements with bioluminescent superglow, the jig creates a more than lifelike silhouette in the water.
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I am a firm believer in Jimyjigs. I have caught more fish than most people get in a lifetime on them. I've landed groupers, african pompano, amberjack, almaco jacks, tunas, mutton and red snapper just to name a few. If the jigs can hold up to the abuse I put on them they can handle anything. From the paint to the hooks and the rigging on the jigs it's all top quality. Every fishermen needs a few Jimyjigs in his or her arsenal for when the situation calls for some jigging.
Capt. Garret Frey
Second Nature Charters
Key West, Florida
    The quality of work on the Jimyjigs is first class.  We vertical jig with Jimyjigs when we want a sure thing catch. A Jimyjig reverse trolling lure glows like a white Marlin in the spread.
Capt. Bouncer Smith
Miami, Florida
Started using JimyJigs back in January 2016. What a difference! My catch ratio increased significantly and my hook up percentage sky rocketed.  My first trip out, I tried the dancing Jimy 80g in Pink Superglow, landed a 11.8 lb Blackfin Tuna.   Since then, I have caught countless of Blackfin tuna, King Mackerel, Amberjack, False Albacore, etc. Even after a toothy fish, the finish is still perfect to keep catching.  The glow on these Jigs is second to none! JimyJigs are the only Jigs I use, it is a guaranteed fish catcher for me!
Brandon Meltzer
Boca Raton, Florida
Adrenaline Rods


We started jigging 2 years ago,  and we got hooked. How awesome is this kind of fishing!  We started using Shimano jigs, Williamson jigs, and other brand's- we lost some jigs/ not good quality.  Then 3 months ago we got our first Jimyjig vertical jigs and trolling lures for wahoo ,tuna and mahi mahi. My first impression of these lures and jigs when I got them is I found them to be high quality and beautiful.  I have gotten more strike on the Jimyjigs then on any other brand of jigs.  That glow in Jimyjigs is killer! Love them- Keep it up Jimyjigs thank you!
Teaser Charters Aruba  
Captain Milton  
Hi fellow anglers my name is Rayner known in social media as #wild_ray25.  I'm from Miami, FL and am a very active angler and hunter when season comes by. I, like many other anglers have discovered the wonders of vertical jigging and in the course of it all I stumbled upon these amazing jigs "Jimyjigs". Like many fisherman who admire and like quality gear, from an awesome reel to a custom rod, I also admire and enjoy using these very productive hand made jigs. Once you have one in your hands you will know what I am talking about. I have been very successful with "Jimyjigs" and have landed plenty of species from the awesome fighting reef donkeys (amberjacks) to tuna, blue runners, beast size bonitos, almaco jacks, and many others to come. I can't wait to continue using using these awesome jigs and trying out new colors and models. To all jiggers out there good luck and tight lines.
Rayner (Wild Ray)
Miami, Florida




Jimyjigs are the only jigs I use.  Great colors, designs, incredible paint and intense glow.  These are extremely durable jigs. Jimyjigs are the only jig company who is constantly improving their product.

Rob Rodiguez

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida


Before I started using jimyjigs, all of paint and color would come off of my jigs. I wish I started using these jigs when I first started fishing. My catching rate is soaring and not only middle to top water fish, but anything that's down in the bottom will also clobber this jigs. They come in all shapes and sizes, and the glow in the dark each jig has is amazing. Jimyjigs just make life easier, so do yourself a favor and order some!!

David Chocron

Miami, Florida


Fisherman are always looking for any edge over the competition they can get and in the world of vertical jigging Jimyjigs is that edge! The craftsfmanship, colors, details, and glow used in making these jigs is second to none. Since going to Jimyjigs I've caught more quality fish than I can count! I've managed to take numerous personal bests including amberjack, mutton snapper, kingfish, yellow jack and red grouper. But by far my most memorable catch has to be the 1 hour battle, catch and release of a sailfish caught using one of my favorite jigs, the rudo 100 purple hollow super glow. There is no doubt in my mind jimyjigs catch more quality fish and for that simple reason you won’t find me on the water without Jimyjigs in my bag!

Jon Venarchick

Naples, Florida




I have been using Jimyjigs since the very first day they were available at my local tackle shop.Although I had previously used a vary of jigs from other manufacturers I strictly use only Jimyjigs today. The main reason for my trust and love in these particular jigs is simple, Jimyjigs entices and creates bites! From there incredible glow in low light to light conditions to the crazy upward and downward patterns they create while moving through the water column I have found that every fish is attracted to these jigs. I personally have caught everything from blue runners to muttons, amberjacks, tunas, dolphin to even tarpon on these jigs! Jimyjigs also continues to bring new products and designs to the table from innovations to there current jigs to new trolling lures and sea witches. On slow days when the fish just don't seem to want live bait for one reason or the other I drop a jig down, work that jig and almost always a bite will ensue! You can bet that if I am out fishing I will have at least two rods rigged and ready with my favorite Jimyjigs! I would highly recommend that anyone that wants a busy day filled with action and catching fish try a product from Jimyjigs and see why so many people are now hooked on them!

Frustrated Armatures

SKA Tournament Boat

Capt. Alfredo Miranda



As a fisherman I need fishing lures that not only look amazing but are also high quality. I need fishing lures that I know will produce great fish; and that's where JimyJigs come in. When I am using JimyJigs I'm confident that I'm using the best jig on the market to catch a fish of a lifetime because you never know what's going to end up on the hook.

Capt. Pat Butera

Rockaway Beach, Queens NY





Jimyjigs are a must for every anglers tackle arsenal consistently producing a reaction bite even on the slowest of days. High quality product with a huge variety of sizes ,shapes and colors with super glow paint that will out last all other jigs not to mention the super sharp assist hooks for solid hook ups every time. The new trolling rigs are also a must for all west coast anglers when the wahoo and yellowfin are around.

Captain Scott Critch

San Diego , California








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